How to transfer WhatsApp Chats to New Device without Google Drive

Meta owned WhatsApp is now testing some very cool features in their beta version of WhatsApp and now we have another super cool feature called Chat Transfer which allows us to backup our chats on new device without using Google Drive. Keep reading to know more.

WhatsApp Chat Transfer Feature

WhatsApp is now working hard to give its users the best features on its platform. Recently, WhatsApp has released a latest beta version for its beta testers in which WhatsApp allows us to transfer our Chats without using Google Drive option.

This feature is called Chat Transfer and is now available to some lucky beta testers. With this feature you don’t need to use your Google Drive account to take backup of your current chat history if you want to migrate your WhatsApp account on other device.

This features will give users a very convenient and efficient migration experience. This feature will completely removes the need to perform a manual backup of chat history to Google drive, a time consuming process especially for large chat history.

How to transfer WhatsApp Chats
Without Google Drive

This feature is only available for beta testers as of now. So if you are lucky beta tester of WhatsApp then you can try out it right now. Also in the upcoming days WhatsApp will release this feature for all users in the stable version of WhatsApp, so keep patience till update and here are the steps to transfer WhatsApp Chats without using Google Drive.


These are the steps to take a backup of your chat history without using Google Drive on your phone.

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone and click on ellipsis icon(three dot icon) in the upper right corner and open settings.
  • Tap on Chats option, scroll down a bit and tap on Chat transfer option and click on start option, this feature will take chat backup without using Google Drive.
  • After completion, you have to scan the provided QR code to initiate the process to migrate your chat history to new Android device.
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  • When i will get chat transfer on my WhatsApp?

This feature is rolled out to some lucky beta testers, after fully testing this feature will be available to everyone with new WhatsApp Update.

  • Can i transfer WhatsApp Chats without using Google Drive?

Yes, WhatsApp has released a new feature called Chat transfer feature in beta update which will be available to everyone in upcoming weeks.

  • Where to find Chat Transfer Feature on My WhatsApp?

You can find this feature under WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat Transfer, but if you have stable version of WhatsApp then this feature is not available for everyone at the moment.

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