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  1. Dear sir / madam,
    I use now samsung galaxy series phone which model is M 325 . Now a days I seen from website my handset didn’t support the android 14 , one U I 6. Though, I am thinking, is this device will not support the latest up coming features / technologies? I want to answer from you. That means handset will be change for enjoy the latest technology .
    what’s your answer? Awaiting for your reply

    Thanking you,

    Your’s faithfully,

    Parnashree Pal.

    1. sorry for the late reply, Samsung M32 5G won’t get OneUI 6 update but device will get 4 years of android security patches from Samsung as the device was launched with android 11 out of the box

  2. There is no mention of the Tab S7+, only the FE. Does that mean the Tab S7+ isn’t getting OneUI 6?

    1. sorry for late reply, but i didn’t got any information regarding Tab S7+

  3. Neeraj kumar says:

    Samsung galaxy A12
    Ma android 14 ka update ayega kya

  4. What about s20 series?? Obviously they are capable of handling OneUI 6.0..

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