OnePlus Open Welcomes OxygenOS 14 Open Beta 1 Update in India

OnePlus enthusiasts in India have a reason to rejoice as the much-anticipated OxygenOS 14 Open Beta 1 update has arrived for the OnePlus Open. This marks the first Open Beta release, providing users with a sneak peek into the exciting features and improvements that OxygenOS 14 has to offer. However, it’s crucial to note that being a beta release, some features may not be available immediately, with additional enhancements promised in subsequent versions.

What’s New in OxygenOS 14 Open Beta 1?

Smart Efficiency

  • File Dock: Now, users can effortlessly drag and drop to transfer content between apps and devices, streamlining the process of content sharing.
  • Content Extraction: A handy feature that allows users to recognize and extract text and images from the screen with just a single tap.
  • Smart Cutout: This innovative feature separates multiple subjects in a photo from the background, offering the convenience of copying or sharing.

Cross-Device Connectivity

  • Improved Shelf: Users can now enjoy an enhanced Shelf experience with more widget recommendations, offering increased personalization options.

Security and Privacy

  • Enhanced Permission Management: A focus on improving photo and video-related permission management ensures safer access by applications, prioritizing user privacy.

Performance Optimization

  • System Stability: Expect improved overall system stability for a smoother user experience.
  • App Launch Speed: Enjoy faster app launch speeds, making your device more responsive.
  • Smooth Animations: The update aims to enhance the smoothness of animations for a visually pleasing experience.

Aquamorphic Design

  • Visual Upgrade: The Aquamorphic Design receives an upgrade with a natural, gentle, and clearer colour style, promising a more comfortable colour experience.
  • Aquamorphic-themed Sounds: Users can look forward to new Aquamorphic-themed ringtones and revamped system notification sounds for a delightful auditory experience.
  • Refined Animations: System animations are now even smoother, contributing to an overall improved visual aesthetic.
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User Care

  • Carbon Tracking AOD: A thoughtful addition is the carbon tracking Always-On Display (AOD), which visualizes the carbon emissions saved by choosing to walk instead of driving.

Important Notes for Users:

  1. To successfully upgrade to this build, ensure that your device is on the latest OxygenOS 13.2 version.
  2. These instructions are specific to the OnePlus Open. Verify that your battery level is above 30%, and at least 4 GB of storage space is available.
  3. Carrier version devices (TMO/Verizon) are not compatible with the Open beta builds.

How to Apply for the OxygenOS 14 Open Beta 1:

The application process is straightforward:

  1. Ensure your phone is updated to the detectable version: CPH2551_13.2.0.203(EX01).
  2. Go to Settings > About device > Tap up to date > Tap the icon on the top right > Beta program > Follow the steps to apply.
  3. Applications will be accepted until a certain quota of 5000 users is reached.
  4. If your application is successful, the version will be available for download within 3 workdays.

Rolling Back to Previous Versions:

For users who wish to roll back from OxygenOS 14 Open Beta 1 to a stable version, OnePlus provides a step-by-step guide. However, it’s important to note that this process erases all phone contents, so a backup is recommended.

Rolling Back Method:

  1. Download the latest ROM rollback zip package from the specified server.
  2. Copy the ROM rollback package to the phone storage.
  3. Go to Settings -> About device -> Version -> Click Build number 7 times and enter the password, now you are in the developer mode.
  4. Go back to Settings -> About device -> Up to date -> Click the top right button -> Local install -> Click on the corresponding rollback package -> Extract -> Upgrade -> System upgrade completed to 100%.
  5. After the rollback is complete, click Restart.
  6. Rollback successful.
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Please note that if you are not able to click “Local install”, you can try the following steps to fix it:

  1. Disconnect all Wi-Fi and Mobile data
  2. Go to Settings -> Apps -> App management -> Click the top right button -> Show system -> Search “Software update” in the search bar and tap “Software update” -> Storage usage -> Clear data
  3. Keep all networks disconnected and repeat the upgrade or rollback guide


Want to go back to Android 13? Download the Rollback package from the links below:

  • OnePlus Open (to be added)

The arrival of OxygenOS 14 Open Beta 1 for OnePlus Open users in India is an exciting development. Those eager to explore the latest features and improvements are encouraged to apply for the beta and contribute to refining the user experience. Keep an eye on the application channel, and if you’re among the lucky 5000 users, get ready to embrace the future of OxygenOS!

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