OnePlus Nord 2T Welcomes OxygenOS 14: A Fresh Wave of Features and Optimizations

Exciting news is buzzing among OnePlus Nord 2T users in India as the much-anticipated OxygenOS 14 stable update is now rolling out. This update, marked by version IN: CPH2401_14.0.0.200(EX01), is set to elevate the smartphone experience with a host of new features, optimizations, and enhanced security.

To ensure a smooth transition for users, OnePlus is adopting a phased approach for the rollout. Initially, the update will be pushed directly to users who participated in the Close Beta and Open Beta versions. Subsequently, it will be gradually extended to a broader user base over the coming weeks. This thoughtful strategy allows OnePlus to address any potential issues before reaching a wider audience.

As of now, the OxygenOS 14 update is already making its way to OnePlus Nord 2T devices in the Indian region. Users across the country can expect the update to become available for download and installation shortly, enhancing their overall smartphone experience.

One of the key highlights of the OxygenOS 14 update is the integration of the latest Android security patch level from December 2023. This addition aims to bolster the system’s security, providing users with increased protection against potential threats and vulnerabilities.


Let’s delve into the changelog to explore the exciting features and improvements that come with OxygenOS 14:

Smart Efficiency: OnePlus introduced the File Dock, a convenient feature that allows users to effortlessly drag and drop content between apps and devices. This enhancement streamlines the process of transferring files, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

Cross-Device Connectivity: The Shelf feature receives an upgrade with more widget recommendations. This improvement enhances the usability of the Shelf, providing users with quick access to their favourite widgets for increased convenience.

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Security and Privacy: In response to growing concerns about privacy, OxygenOS 14 enhances photo and video-related permission management. This ensures safer access by apps, giving users more control over the data they share with applications.

Performance Optimization: The update focuses on improving system stability, app launch speed, and the smoothness of animations. These optimizations contribute to an overall enhanced performance, providing a seamless and responsive user experience.

Aquamorphic Design: OxygenOS 14 brings upgrades to the Aquamorphic Design, introducing a natural, gentle, and clearer colour style. This aesthetic improvement aims to offer users a more comfortable and visually pleasing colour experience. Additionally, the update includes Aquamorphic-themed ringtones and revamped system notification sounds. System animations are also made even smoother for a more fluid user interface.

User Care: A unique addition is the carbon tracking Always-On Display (AOD), which visualises the carbon emissions saved by choosing to walk instead of driving. This environmentally conscious feature encourages users to make eco-friendly choices and raises awareness about their carbon footprint.

The OxygenOS 14 stable update for the OnePlus Nord 2T is a significant milestone, bringing a multitude of features and improvements to enrich the user experience. With a focus on security, efficiency, and aesthetics, OnePlus continues to deliver on its commitment to providing a premium smartphone experience for its users. As the update gradually reaches more users in India, OnePlus enthusiasts can look forward to a refreshed and enhanced smartphone journey.

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