HyperOS Floating windows will bring a useful feature for multi-tasking, First Look here

Xiaomi HyperOS Floating Window feature will allow users to launch apps in full screen or in multip-window mode. Here are the details.

Xiaomi has a quite popular feature called Floating Window for Xiaomi devices introduced with MIUI versions in the past years. With this feature, a user can open any app in the UI without minimizing the current app. This feature is also called a Sidebar and a user can even add this to the left or right side of the screen and it will stick to that side. As HyperOS is launched in China and since the China beta builds are now available, the Company is making new changes in the UI to upgrade the experience. Recently, they added a set of new icons for the settings page and now they are doing some new changes in the Floating Windows feature.

Xioami HyperOS Floating Window Features

Xiaomi is making some very interesting changes in the HyperOS for Xiaomi users, especially in the animations department. The animations are much smoother than in any previous MIUI version and to further enhance this, Xiaomi also improved smaller elements in the UI such as the animations in the Floating Window gets revamped and they are now more subtle as seen in the videos. This Floating window feature makes multi-tasking much easier on a Xiaomi phone.


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As you can see in the video, you have to long press on the app icon to open further options where you can choose to open the app in full-screen mode or in multi-window.

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In addition, Xiaomi HyperOS also has the ability to open any app in the full screen or multi-window mode which was absent in the MIUI version. Previously, a user could just open the app in multi-window only but HyperOS will expand it to open in full screen along with the new animations. HyperOS is currently under testing and it will be rolled out in China first the global rollout will start in Q1 2024 as per the official reports.

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