Every New Feature Coming to Your Xiaomi Phone: HyperOS Changelog

Xiaomi has rolled out the first beta version of HyperOS for some selected devices in China. While everyone is eagerly awaiting the HyperOS features on their devices, we are sharing with you the full changelog of the HyperOS update and this changelog will give you an idea about the HyperOS features coming to your Xiaomi phone.

HyperOS beta release

Xiaomi HyperOS beta testing is underway in China for selected devices. A few days back, Xiaomi rolled out a new HyperOS update with version OS1. for Xiaomi 13 Ultra, Xiaomi 13 Pro, Xiaomi 13, Redmi K60 Pro, and Redmi K60/Poco F5 Pro in China. The new update on these devices shows the HyperOS changelog that will explain all the new features of the HyperOS version for Xiaomi devices. Also, the beta testing will be expanded to more devices in the coming weeks.

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HyperOS Features / Changelog

Since the official changelog is in the Chinese language we translated it into English so that everyone can understand the HyperOS features.

  • Xiaomi HyperOS
    • Xiaomi HyperOS to create a “people, car, and home ecosystem” operating system
  • Low-level refactoring
    • Xiaomi HyperOS Low-level refactoring, to play excellent hardware performance
    • Task-critical identification and coloring technology, which dynamically controls resource allocation according to the importance of the task, resulting in stronger performance and lower power consumption.
    • Ultra-low power rendering framework to improve endurance and provide smoother animation effects
    • SOC integrated tuning, connecting the whole hardware resources, faster response to changes in computing power demand, less frame loss, and smoother.
    • An intelligent IO engine prioritizes the execution of focus IO, avoiding preemption and making it smoother.
    • Renewed storage technology reduces storage fragmentation, making the phone as good as new.
    • Intelligent network selection upgraded, smoother network in a weak network environment.
    • Signal Smart Selection Engine, dynamically adjusts antenna strategy to improve signal stability.
  • Cross-end intelligent connectivity
    • Xiaomi HyperConnect cross-connectivity framework allows devices to connect efficiently and collaborate with each other.
    • The new Fusion Device Center allows all devices to be dynamically networked in real-time, and you can view and control your surrounding devices from the control center.
    • Cross-device experience is upgraded to support cross-device calls to the camera, screen, communication, and other hardware capabilities.
    • Apps, audio/video, clipboard, and other data and services support free flow among multiple devices.
  • End-to-end security
    • Secure privacy architecture for interconnected devices
    • Inter-device security through TEE verification and hardware-level encryption for data transmission.
    • Cross-end privacy system, including interconnection rights management, interconnection behavior alerts, and interconnection behavior logging
  • Vibrant aesthetics
    • A globalized sense of life aesthetic creates a delicate and comfortable vision and lightness.
    • Coherent dynamic effects and multiple expressions create a new systematic aesthetic experience.
    • A new dynamic language brings a light and coherent global dynamic experience.
    • A vitality color system, with natural colors rich in vitality, gives the interface a new look.
    • Unified system fonts, designed for the world
    • New weather design and real-time weather engine create a surreal visual experience.
    • Global focus notification system, dynamic display of key information changes
    • New art lock screen, turning every photo into a poster, and dynamic glass material, instantly lighting up the screen beautifully.
    • Upgraded desktop icon design with new colors and shapes.
    • Self-developed multi-rendering technology, presenting delicate and comfortable natural visual effects.
    • Reconstructed multitasking window management, unified interaction, efficient and easy to use.
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Apart from the changelog, Xiaomi will introduce some Android 14s features related to security and privacy. A new permission manager is also expected to arrive with a HyperOS update. Also, the global rollout of HyperOS will start from Q1 2024 and we can expect a list of devices by the end of this year that will get the HyperOS update in 2024.

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