WhatsApp to Introduce HD Photos Feature, Check Details

Meta-owned WhatsApp is working on some really cool features called “HD Photos” which is currently in beta update of the app and soon will be available to all users. Here’s how it will work for you.

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WhatsApp’s Some really cool features

In the last few months, WhatsApp added a host of new features which are very useful for a normal user. WhatsApp adopted some features from Telegram which are very useful like Edit Message etc. Here are some super cool latest features of WhatsApp which you should definitely know about.

WhatsApp is now adding some more features in the upcoming updates and I will update you with the upcoming features.

WhatsApp’s HD Photos Feature

We all know while sending photos from our phones, WhatsApp heavily compresses the size of the original photo and it becomes difficult to send photos in high quality on WhatsApp; but now WhatsApp is bringing a new feature called “HD Photos” in which you can send your photos in high quality. This doesn’t mean that WhatsApp won’t compress the size of the photo but it will apply light compression from now onwards while sending your photos through WhatsApp.

image 14
image: wabetainfo

As you can see in the screenshot, there will be two options in the upcoming updates of WhatsApp; one is standard quality & the second one is HD quality and the default option is always “Standard Quality”. After you tap on the HD quality option, WhatsApp will apply light compression to the sent image and you can also see an HD watermark on the sent photo. However this feature is limited to images shared within your conversations means there is no way to send a video with better quality without sending it as a document, also this feature is not available when sharing photos by using status updates.

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This feature is right now available for users running on WhatsApp beta version and WhatsApp beta for iOS only.

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