WhatsApp to Bring Telegram-Like New Text Formatting Tools in the Latest Update

WhatsApp is constantly working on new updates to get the maximum potential of its platform. The Company is trying to enhance the messaging experience through new features and shortcuts. In the latest WhatsApp beta for Android, it is spotted that new text formatting tools are coming for messaging.

WhatsApp released a new beta update with version for Android. The new formatting tools are already available on the popular Telegram application . By using the new formatting tools, users can enhance their messaging experience by highlighting the text, etc.

image 2

WhatsApp introduced three new text formatting tools for messaging as follows.

  1. Code Block: This feature is mainly designed for engineers and students but other users can also use the same feature to highlight a specific portion of the message. This will require a backtick character to work.
  2. Quote Block: it’s used to reply to a specific portion of a message. You will be able to apply this formatting tool by using the character “>”.
  3. Lists:  it’s used to organize information in a structured and ordered manner. The text should start with an asterisk and a hyphen, and it also supports numbered lists.

These new text formatting tools were spotted in the latest WhatsApp beta version for Android and it will be rollout to other users in the coming months.


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