WhatsApp is Copying a Feature from Instagram

When it comes to WhatsApp status, they are quite popular among people across the world and the meta-owned WhatsApp is now making it easier to view the status updates from the conversation screen. This new feature is currently rolling out in WhatsApp beta for Android to some lucky beta testers but the same feature will be available to everyone else over the coming months.

After limiting the storage for WhatsApp backups, the Company is now preparing to view the WhatsApp status without going into the status tab. A user will be able to view the status directly from the conversation tab from now onwards. This feature is currently in beta testing and will be publicly available over the coming months. WhatsApp understands the problem of checking status from the status tab therefore working on the solution.

This integration of WhatsApp status from the conversation screen is similar to Instagram stories. This feature will definitely improve the user experience while checking the status directly from the conversation screen but a user can view the status of a particular contact only from the conversation screen. To view all the statuses, you have to use the navigation shortcuts from the app.

In the past few months, WhatsApp has added some cool features from Telegram and Instagram to get the maximum benefit of their app. Some of the features are quite useful and make it easier to use the WhatsApp features with new shortcuts.

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