Magisk 26.1 Stable Released – How to Update & Install

Want to update & install Magisk 26.1 stable version on your android phone ? Must read all the instructions in this post to avoid any errors.

Magisk 26.1 Stable Update

As we already know that Magisk 26 is just arrived for android devices and again a new update Magisk 26.1 is now available which is stable and this version fixed some bugs which were present in the previous version which we will discuss in the post.

Magisk 26.1

Magisk is a free and open source software that enables users to gain root access to their android devices and you can access your system after rooting your android device. The developer of Magisk, topjohnwu has pushed a new update for Magisk which is Magisk 26.1 and fixed the bugs in the update.

From Magisk 26 Version the minimum android version support is 6.0 that means if you want to root your android phone with Magisk 26 or later you must have android 6 or later versions. Also the support to root Android U is also added in the Magisk 26 Version and there are some more internal changes made in the previous update which are related to API & Zygisk etc.

Magisk 26.1 Changelog

  • Fix crashing when revoking root permissions (App)
  • Always prefer ext4 partitions over f2fs when selecting the pre-init partition
  • Restore modules files’ context/owner/group from the mirror. This is regression introduced in v26.0

How to Update & Install Magisk 26.1

Now let’s see the update and installation method of Magisk 26.1 Version on your android phone.

If you have already installed the previous version or any other version like Magisk 25.2 and want to update to its latest version, then it is strongly recommended to upgrade the Latest Magisk App using “Direct install” Method. So this is how you can update your older Magisk to new one. Now let’s move onto the initial installation on any android phone.

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For initial Installation of Magisk 26.1 on any android phone, must follow the steps given below..

  • Download Magisk 26.1 On your phone and save it where you can find it easily while installation.
  • Now install the downloaded Magisk 26.1 APK on your phone
  • Now rename the downloaded Magisk 26.1 APK to zip format and reboot to recovery mode
  • Search for the Magisk 26.1 Zip on your phone and click on it and swipe to install
  • After installation just reboot your phone to system and Hurray you are now rooted.

Download links: Magisk

Note: If you need a proper guide on how to unroot your android phone, let me know in the comments below.

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